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Welcome to Simplify AI
Education, Training & Consulting!

I am dedicated to providing the best AI training and consulting services for educators, school administrators and parents. There is tremendous promise in Generative AI technologies, but also considerable peril. My training addresses both the positive applications and the measures needed to protect communities from the abuses. 

Greg Miller
meet Greg



Greg Miller has dedicated his career to education, starting his journey just before the release of the iPhone. With a wide range of experiences in various roles such as a principal, assistant principal, guidance counselor, department chair, and teacher, Greg has effectively
navigated the impact of disruptive technologies and developments in the educational landscape. From the rise of smartphones, smartwatches, and learning management systems (LMS) to the challenges posed by social media and the emergence of AI, he has demonstrated his ability to anticipate changes and lead communities through them.

In addition to his experience as an administrator and educator, Greg is proficient in the use of ChatGPT, Bing AI, Claude, Midjourney, Tome, Curipod and other AI platforms.  He has made many instructional GPTs.

Greg has also completed several courses and certifications in AI, including Google, Microsoft and Curipod Certifications.  Training now qualifies for CEUs in the state of Missouri.

 "He can save your teachers dozens or hundreds of hours a year in lesson creation and prep."

Greg's profound empathy for educators facing overwhelming workloads and limited preparation time stems from his own experience in various school settings. During his recent tenure as principal, he led through the entirety of the pandemic, dealing with teacher and substitute shortages, educator formation, and the ever-increasing intrusion of external factors on the school community. He deeply comprehends the struggles faced by educational leaders. Greg is well-equipped to guide administrators, demonstrating both the pitfalls and potential of AI in addressing persistent pain points in education.

Beyond his professional life, Greg is a devoted husband and father. He leverages his degrees and master's coursework in psychology, administration, law, and communications to serve you. Combining his love for the classroom and seventeen years of experience, Greg is dedicated to working with you to surmount the challenges our school communities encounter.



AI for Educators

School Training
  • AI is all Around You

  • Using ChatGPT in Education: Basics to Advanced Use

  • Do AI Detectors really work?

  • Best Alternatives to GPT-4

  • AI Chatbots in your Search Engines

  • Educational AI programs You Need to Know

  • Discussion: What AI do We Allow Students to Use?

  • Legal Implications and Risk Mitigation (Basic Overview)

  • Best practices for institutional AI Use

  • Should You Really Buy that Expensive AI? An Assessment of Premium AI Services

  • Curated resources, including educator-specific prompts and instructional GPTs (specialized bots/agents) to maximize your efficiency and enhance quality.

AI for School Administrators

Counseling Practice Training
  • Why Firewalls and Bans Won’t Protect You from AI

  • Educational AI programs You Need to Know

  • Legal Implications and Risk Mitigation (Advanced)

  • Best practices for institutional AI use.

  • Evidence-based benefits analysis.

  • Should You Really Buy that Expensive AI? An Assessment of Premium AI Services.

  • AI for (physical) Site Security and Safety

  • Curated resources, including prompts for administrators to enhance quality and increase efficiency.

Greg also provides policy consulting on AI and Social Media and can deliver Social Media presentations locally or when his business partner, Ben Tracy (Safe Social Network), is already booked. Ben is the specialist in student social media presentations.

Other Presentations

Parent Talks
  • What Every Parent Should Know about AI: Protecting Children, Yourself, and the Elderly in the Age of AI

  • AI for Students: Responsible Use, Personal Protection, and Skill Development

  • AI for Global Reach: Foreign LanguageTranslation and Marketing Capabilities

  • Ai for Creatives: Protecting Your IP and Brand, Honing Your Skills, Promoting Your Work



"Mr. Miller's knowledge and personal insight regarding both the benefits and inherent dangers of social media, and now the emergence of artificial intelligence, has made me feel more at ease using this technology. I am much more confident in my ability to use it and anticipate the possible disruptions it can cause."

- Ron Tucker

Former Superintendent of Bayless Public School District, Vice President

"Greg Miller's understanding of the impact of emerging AI technology on our educational work has been of great assistance to me as a headmaster. I've already made plans to have him back to present to our parents and faculty members!"

- Dr. Alexander Schimpf

Headmaster of Chesterton Academy, St. Louis




"Greg's presentation was very engaging! Even though I have some experience with AI, I was able to learn new platforms and how to best prompt AI to be useful for me. I also learned some of the risks that are present with AI, and how awareness can be the best defense against these threats."

- Anonymous

Teacher, Springfield Catholic High School

"Exposing us to AI with positive and negative applications. Greg talked WITH us, not AT us....I'm a 13 year educator in Middle School. I feel like I have a grasp on Tech, (Masters in Ed Tech). AI is the first piece of Tech that I am very worried about. You provided helpful insight that educated us. It is easy to use fear as a tactic, but you talked to us as capable adults and educated us on the positives and the negatives that AI can be used for. Thank You."

- Anonymous

Teacher, St. Agnes School


"(Before the training) I was unaware of most of what Greg was talking about- so I think it created a healthy awareness for some of us. I wish I could have learned more!"

                                                                                                                                   - Kearey Basecke

                                                                                                                                   Teacher, Immaculate Conception School


"Greg Miller provided a wealth of information on how to incorporate AI in the classroom. Students are going to use it and Greg helps teachers on how to help students use it effectively and judiciously." 

- JoAnne Bailes

Teacher, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School



"Greg's training was outstanding.  He provided live, real-time examples of the technology involved, gave specific recommendations, and left us wishing we had allotted more time for his presentation."  

-Amy Maus

LCSW, West County Psychological Associates, Assistant Director



“I've been wondering how schools are going to adapt to AI... I'm glad to know someone as thoughtful as Greg is contributing to that answer."

- Todd Medema

Staff Product Manager, Tesla Motors

"I was not aware that AI was so prevalent in schools or work places. I'm very naive. The entire presentation was very eye opening to me. The RAPID progress in its use and abilities was most impactful...I think ALL educators can benefit from your shared knowledge!"

- Anonymous 

Teacher, St. Agnes School



Google AI Certification

Administrator & Educator

Microsoft AI Certification

(LMS) Learning Management Systems

Proficient in the use of ChatGPT, Bing AI, Slides AI, Midjourney, Tome, Curipod and other AI platforms

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